Established in 1979

Corporate Profile & Services

Ryfan Electric Ltd. was incorporated in  the Northwest Territories on June 30, 1979.
It’s Head Office is in Yellowknife, NT. It is a wholly owned Northern Business and is registered as such with the GNWT's Business Incentive Governing body as an Electrical Contractor and supplier of Electrical Materials and Equipment.

Ryfan Electric Ltd.  maintains a full-time office staff consisting of five Project Managers, one of which maintains an Alberta Masters Certification, two Estimators and eight office support staff.

Ryfan's full-time field staff consists of fifty five Journeyman Electricians and forty Apprentice Electricians, all of which are Northerners including aboriginals and women. During our busy season, our field staff can exceed one hundred and fifty. 

Ryfan employs a full-time Safety Supervisor that ensures all work sites are
inspected, implements our Safety Manual procedures, holds regular safety
meetings both onsite and offsite, is responsible for WSCC reporting and various other safety related issues.

In January 2006 Ryfan opened an office in Spruce Grove, Alberta for support of it’s Northern Industrial Mining Division and Commercial Electrical installations in
Alberta. The office is managed by Mr. Darren Fraser, a Director of Ryfan Electric Ltd.. The office provides Estimating, Project Management, Material Management / Procurement and Expediting services to support the Northern and Southern operations.

Revenues are $ 25 to 30 million annually.

Business activities include, but are not limited to, commercial installations
including schools, health centers, hospitals, office complexes, warehouse complexes and industrial installations. Industrial projects of note, a Gas Plant
and Water Injection Plant in Norman Wells, NT for Esso Resources, the initial construction at BHP's Ekati Diamond Mine Site, a member of BHP’s Ekati Construction Alliance, 2005 Underground Conveyor at Ekati Diamond Mine,
Power Plant and Highline Construction, Power Plant and High Voltage
Distribution, Yakutsk, CIS and replacement of Power Plant Generators, Inuvik, NT

Ryfan Electric Ltd. has competed successfully in Canada's Northwest Territories, Nunavut Territory and Internationally.  The company has completed major projects in various Northern Communities in Canada's Arctic as well as internationally in the former Soviet Union where it participated in a two year, $30 million project in Siberia, CIS.  Through this experience, the company is very familiar with the logistical requirements required to work in remote and isolated environments.

In the past thirty years Ryfan Electric Ltd. has competed in the public tender process, it's main business activity has been in the design/build arena.

Power Plant/High Voltage projects:

  • BHP Ekati Diamond Mine High Voltage/Low Voltage Construction Power Grid    
  • BHP High Voltage Ring Main 5kv, eight switching stations and 10 sub stations  
  • BHP 15kv Ring Main, 15km to Fox Pit 
  • Northwest Territories Power Commission (NTPC) Power Plant Generator Replacement, Inuvik, NT 
  • NTPC High Voltage Switchgear Retrofit, Coppermine, NT
  • NTPC High Voltage Termination 5kv, Snare Hydro Project, NT
  • NTPC High Voltage Termination 5kv, Jack Fish Hydro, Yellowknife, NT
  • NTPC High Voltage Inspection, Bluefish Hydro, NT
  • DeBeers, Snap Lake Power Distribution and GenSet Synchronization
  • DeBeers, Kennady Lake Power Distribution and GenSet Synchronization
  • Mirimar Mining, Hope Bay Power Distribution and GenSet Synchronization
  • Power Plant, High Voltage and Low Voltage Distribution, Yakutsk, CIS      ( Russia)
  • 25kv Substation Ekati Mine

Industrial projects completed:

  • Esso Resources Gas Plant/Water Handling Facility, Norman Wells, NT    
  • BHP Truck Shop Expansion 
  • BHP Process Plant Expansion   
  • BHP Ammonium Nitrate Building 
  • BHP Tailings Line Heat Trace 
  • Oxygen Building, Miramar Con Mine, Yellowknife
  • Snap Lake Heat Tracing, Snap Lake, NT
  • Snap Lake Electronic Surveillance
  • Kennady Lake Heat Tracing
  • BHP Electrical As and When
  • Snap Lake Diamond ( DeBeers) As and When
  • BHP Ekati Diamond mine, Sample Plant 
  • BHP Ekaiti 200km heat Tracing
  • Diavik Diamond Mines (DDMI) Accommodations Complex 
  • Ekati Underground Conveyor  
  • Ekati Koala Pit Dewatering 
  • Ekati Fresh Air Raises   
  • DeBeers Snap Lake Surface Power Distribution 
  • Ekati Diamond Mine Underground Portal 

Major projects successfully completed in the public tender process are

In Yellowknife:

  • The NWT Legislative Assembly Building 
  • St. Patrick's High School  
  • Major Renovations to Sir John High School 
  • NJ MacPherson School
  • Ecole St Cyr School
  • WCB Offices Centre Square Tower
  • Dept of Health Centre Square Tower
  • Major Renovations/additions to the Yellowknife Correctional Centre
  • Giant Mine Dry/Warehouse Facility
  • Phase One North Slave Correctional Facility 
  • Polar Development fifteen story apartment     
  • Weledeh School 
  • Range Lake North School 
  • CO-OP Food Store Expansion
  • New Extra Foods 
  • Government of Canada Building (2005) 
  • Mildred Hall Addition and Renovation
  • Prince of Wales Heritage Center Renovation
  • Explorer Hotel, 60 Room Expansion 2008  
  • Anderson-Thompson 15 Story Apartment
  • Ice Plaza Shopping Mall
  • Range Lake North School
  • Kalemi School, N’Dilo
  • Coast Fraser Hotel Renovations and Upgrades, Yellowknife

In other communities:

  • Norman Wells Gas Plant/Water Handling Facility
  • Maani Ulujuk High School, Rankin Inlet, Nunavut 
  • Arviat Health Center, Arviat, Nunavut 
  • Site Works/Construction Power/Bulk Sampling BHP, Ekati 
  • Holman Island Health centre, Holman Island, NT
  • Snare Lake School, Snare Lake, NT
  • Cambridge Bay Health Center, Nunavut 
  • Tulita School
  • Coast Guard Building, Inuvik

Major projects completed in the design/build process:

In Yellowknife:

  • Centre Square/Northern Heights Complex 
  • Yellowknife Inn Expansion and Mall 
  • Anderson Thompson Tower
  • Range Lake Food Store
  • Lahm Ridge Tower Base Building and Tenant Improvements
  • Kingland Ford
  • Sirius Diamond Cutting Facility
  • Arslanian Diamond Cutting Works
  • Con Mine Welding/Machine Shop and Warehouse
  • Ptarmigan Airways Hangar
  • NWT Air Hangar
  • DDMI Diamond Cutting and Sorting Facility
  • Laurelton Diamond Polishing Facility
  • Air Tindi Hangar, 
  • RTL Hangar,  
  • Yellowknife Air Terminal Building expansion
  • Bailey House Transitional Home
  • St Joes School Major Retrofit, Yellowknife
  • City of Yellowknife Fieldhouse
  • City of Yellowknife 1.2MW Genset Installation
  • Yellowknife International Combined Services Building

 Major design/build projects completed in remote areas:

  • Northwestel Office/Exchange, Iqaluit, Nunavut
  • Noyabrsk Hospital ( major renovation ), Noyabrsk, CIS ( Northeast of Moscow )
  • Sakha Village, Yakutsk, CIS ( Siberia ) consisting of: 
    • 40 Housing Units, self contained
    • School
    • Power Plant
    • High Voltage Highline Construction
    • Fire Hall
    • Health Centre
    • Administrative Centre
    • Sewage and Water Treatment Plant
    • Domestic Water Well with Heat Tracing ( 1000m depth )
    • General Store and Cafeteria
  • Hotel Ontario, Yakutsk, CIS
  • 500 unit housing complex. Yakutsk, CIS 
  • Yakutsk International Air Terminal Building, CIS 

Major Projects In Progress

  • BHP Ekati As and When 
  • DeBeers Snap Lake Diamond Mine as and when   
  • Stanton Yellowknife Hospital, Heating control retrofit 
  • Inuvik School
  • Rankin Inlet, NU Correctional Facility
  • Clyde River Cultural Center
  • Central Health Facility, Yellowknife
  • Dundee Investments Office Tower, Yellowknife
  • Ft Smith Health Center Major Renovation, Ft Smith, NT
  • Coast Fraser Hotel 16 Story Major Retrofit, Yellowknife
  • Anzac School. Anzac, AB
  • Ecole McTavish High School, Ft McMurray, AB
  • Western Arctic Research Center, Inuvik, NT
  • Government of Canada Tenant Improvements Dundee Building, Yellowknife
  • Ft Saskatchewan School, Ft Saskatchewan, AB

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