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The Inuvik School, a 50 Classroom K-12 facility was completed in Spring 2013. The $7.2M electrical, communications and controls contract was a two year hybrid design/build/negotiated contract. Ryfan's involvement in this project commenced in the Spring of 2008,
we established the budget from the design/development documents.
In conjunction with the Construction Manager, Architect and Engineers, once the preliminary budget was established, Ryfan’s role was to ensure the budget was maintained during the course of the various  design stages to  construction.

Through the design process, in order to maintain the budget, we provided light fixture selections, power distribution design, cable tray layouts, option pricing and routing for fiber optic wiring and copper alternates (CAT 5A), daylight sensing  for lighting control and switching.

We provide budget pricing and assisted in the design for the various change/enhancements  the owner was contemplating during the
design and construction phase.

The project commenced in the summer of 2009, through our involvement during the design phase we were able to maintain the original budget despite the material and labour increases from design to construction.

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