Established in 1979

Where We Work

Ryfan Electric Ltd's geographical area of work is vast and in some of the most logistically challenged areas of North America.

Of the 1.1 million square kilometers of the Northwest Territories and 35 communities only 17 are serviced by roads, the remainder by airplane or barge up the Mackenzie River for three months in the summer.

The Nunavut Territory is 1.9 million square kilometers with 28 communities none of which are accessible by road. All materials for our projects in Nunavut are either flown in or sent on the Sea Lift from ports in Montreal or Churchill, MB. The Sea Lift has a short season in the summer months. In most cases there is only one Sea Lift per year per community.

Our other geographical area is Edmonton and Northern Alberta. This area is approximately 350,000 square kilometers and offer a different set of challenges. Challenges are expediting materials to some of the sites and off-loading with limited community resources.

All geographical areas are a challenge to move our workers to and from, we employee our own travel agent for accommodation and air travel.


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